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SEO’d: Cheshunt Accountants

Cheshunt Accountant is another site created by Abdeb Promotions with a view to pushing this local business term towards the top of Google. Like Cheshunt Solicitors it surpassed the initial aim, and currently ranks as #1 for the term Cheshunt Accountant, again, above the local business listings known as ‘place pages’ that Google lists above organic listings 99.99% of the time, with only paid adverts above it (Google is unflexible on this, they hardcode paying ads above all search term listings).

Click here to see cheshuntaccountants.co.uk in Google’s search results

As mentioned in greater detail on this page, while you certainly want your business to appear in the place pages, you actually get more clicks by appearing in the organic results, so by showing up in both (Yes, we also get your website featured in that section of Google) you have far greater customer exposure to increase your chances of new business.

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