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Deciding If The Price Is Right

This one is short and sweet. Let’s say you decide to have a website built by us. Take the price of the site, and work out how many new customers you’d need to cover that price. Your website is for life, so let’s say for the sake of argument it only generates 3 new paying customers a year. For most businesses, the initial cost of the website is paid off well within a year, and the rest of the life of the site is firmly in the profit zone, for a one-time tax-deductable outlay 🙂

You also have the choice to have seo work done for your site, and as Abdeb Promotions local seo offers this, you’d expect me to say you should have this done, but: You really should have this done – the benefits of page 1 listings on Google for customers desperate to find a business or service they can purchase with money they have waiting cannot be emphasized strongly enough by words alone.

My other business interests include online affiliate marketing, and search engine traffic is absolutely golden – these are the prime customers who will and do spend as soon as they find what they are looking for, and with websites in the thousands, targeting all manner of search terms, I can categorically tell you that page 1 organic listings on Google produce the best results by a long way, and then some. These aren’t customers that are 1 in 3000 leaflets posted through letterboxes in your area, which, if you’ll pardon the blunt but well-used and true expression, is ‘throwing enough shit at the wall and seeing what sticks’. These customers are seeking you, instead of the other way around, and your aim is to make sure that your website is visible to them.

With the monthly seo fees being not much higher than the price of a subscription to satellite or cable television per month, can you and your business afford not to invest in an ongoing seo strategy? Don’t let your competitors be the only ones to gain from the stream of online customers looking to spend their money!

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