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SEO’d: Cheshunt Solicitors

Abdeb Promotions created, designed, and carried out seo work for the local business niche ‘cheshunt solicitors’. The #1 website for ‘cheshunt solicitors’ search term in Google is where that site currently resides.
(Click here to see the listing), even above Google local business listings (local business listings can be identified by the ‘balloon’ with a letter of the alphabet inside it). The importance, and achievement, of this cannot be emphasized enough – this is almost unheard of for natural (a.k.a. organic) listings:

“Google understands that people looking for information are no longer just looking for articles online, but rather a mix of photos, videos, news stories, books, music and local business information. As local searches become more prevalent, the increased need for specific local business results shall follow suit. Aware of this trend, Google has been displaying more and more Map results for local businesses. With these map results showing above the natural results in just about every case, your opportunity for increased exposure starts here.”

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As you can see in the screenshot above (you can verify this by clicking the link towards the top of the page, or simply by going to google.co.uk and entering the term Cheshunt Solicitors: HERE), cheshuntsolicitors.co.uk stands at the top of the tree, with only a paid advert above it – these are known as ‘sponsored listings’, whereby those sites must pay a fee to Google each time a potential customer clicks their link, and above Google’s internal local business listings, known as ‘Place pages’. However, surfers regard the local business listings as ‘paid’ spots also, and are wary of clicking those to a lesser degree – though having your site appear in that section is definitely better than not having it there – we also arrange for your business to be listed within that area, to get even more potential customers directed to you, as well as via the organic results):

“Consumers are distrustful of search engine sponsored listings and click on such links fewer than twice in every 10 searches, new research has revealed.”

“In that study, participants clicked on the results identified as ‘organic’ on more than 80 per cent of their searches rather than sponsored links”

Being the very first organic listing, cheshuntsolicitors.co.uk will attract more clicks than your nearest competitors, as the next point illustrates;

Studies show that the #1 organic placement gets over four times the amount of clicks than the #2 placement

“the first two listings capture over a half of the user’s attention in terms of time of the eye fixation. Whereas the attention is shared almost equally, the difference in number of click between the first two listings is much more surprising: over four times!”

So for every 25 potential customers that the site below cheshuntsolicitors.co.uk receives, 100 customers go to cheshuntsolicitors.co.uk! This means more customer exposure for you, more revenue for you, more instances of further custom once those customers also spread your services by word of mouth recommendations, and more overall profit as your prices rise in future years, but with total ownership and control of cheshuntsolicitors.co.uk already taken care of.

The internet is going nowhere, with new customers getting connected every day, and along with the advent of smartphones utilising internet access becoming the new standard, this means that Google is (and has been now for a couple of years) the first port of call for prospective clients seeking out Cheshunt solicitors, rather than the Yellow Pages, Thomson Local, local free newspapers, and other older mediums.

Employing the services of Abdeb Promotions is a tax-deductable business purchase that will see you gain a once in a lifetime advantage over your competitors by ensuring that you have the edge required to not only continue your business, but grow your customer base while the current and next generations embrace the internet as it’s preferred medium.

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