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Abdeb Promotions Limited is a local business seo website creation company that focuses on identifying gaps in the search engine market for it’s clients, with the purpose of gaining new customers in those market areas. The ability to exploit search terms where your competitors are weak, and rank highly for those terms in organic or ‘natural’ listings, is our core strength.

With 8 years online expertise in the process of choosing the right domain name for your targeted search term(s), seo-optimised content management system implementation, on-page seo and marketing text, and external seo strategies, Abdeb Promotions can help your business gain new customers from the ever-growing pool of internet users that are actively searching for the products and/or services your business offers.

Most web design companies offer an aesthetically pleasing website for their client, which as a showcase web presence is fine – however there are many search terms that prospective customers are using in Google to seek the supply and/or delivery of that are very often overlooked, which is where Abdeb Promotions Limited offers specialised assistance.

With the tools at our disposal we can verify which specific terms attract the most searches, and therefore clicks. By researching your competitors and their services/rankings, we are able to determine optimum search phrases to target, with a view to achieving page 1 Google listings for those terms. This enables your business to attain the following:

  • Laser targeted search phrase listings
  • Wider search ranges to supplement your offline customer streams
  • An early lead over your local competitors yet to establish a web presence for specific, and under-targeted profitable search terms
  • A web presence that will last for years to come as internet searches mature into natural habit
  • Website(s) that add to your business assets and eventual sale value

With the internet search engines – specifically Google – taking over as the #1 information source over and above traditional marketing and advertising methods such as Yellow Pages, Thomson Local, local newspapers, and other print media it is imperative to gain a foothold on this huge customer base. Today’s generation are tomorrow’s customers, and using Google to seek specific information is as natural to them as using the Yellow Pages to find a service was to us as little as 10 years ago. With everyone from schoolchildren as young as 7 years old, to those of retirement age and beyond integrating internet usage as a matter of course, even the phrase ‘Google it’ has become part of our everyday speech and actions.

A simplified breakdown of the services Abdeb Promotions gives:

  • Research into which areas of your business/services give optimum search value in respect of searches versus competition
  • Sourcing of the best suited available domain name for those search terms
  • Creation of a website using search engine optimized content management system, and on-page seo
  • Ongoing seo work to boost your website to page 1 on Google for those, and/or related search terms
  • Free lifetime hosting on dedicated web servers
  • Domain transfer to you, so that you own and control your website name rather than have a 3rd party keep ownership of a site you have paid for
  • Your entire website placed on disc and handed to you for your peace of mind, and option to host your site elsewhere at any time if you so choose
  • Our guarantee that if your site doesn’t appear on the 1st page of Google for any related search term to your business for just one day, the entire month’s seo fee is waived

To speak further, and/or discuss any questions you may have regarding the local business seo services of Abdeb Promotions, please do not hesitate to contact Jel using the contact details listed to the upper-right of this page.

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